Interesting Facts about White Lions

White lions are the same as any other lion, but with white fur. They are of the feline species, so they run around on four legs, have short pointed ears and cute little faces. They look like really big cats. Here are some interesting facts about White Lions :

1. White Lions are not albinos, but a genetic rarity unique to one endemic region on the globe: the Timbavati region.

2.The Genetic Marker that makes White Lions unique has not yet been identified by science.

8 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On Your Health

Have you ever considered the importance of your sleeping posture? You may or may not have a preference, but your sleeping position can directly affect your health.

While the best sleeping posture is generally considered to be sleeping on your back with your arms by your sides, here are eight common sleeping positions and their effects to help you discover how the way you sleep affects your well-being.

15 little known facts about your favorite Tom and Jerry

Created as early as the 1940s by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the cat and mouse duo Tom & Jerry have since won over the hearts of millions. The animation series took the world by storm and is truly an unforgettable part of the childhoods of many generations.

Highly influential and extremely memorable, the series are often remembered for their iconic cat and mouse fights, but did you know these little known facts about Tom and Jerry ? Have a look.

24 Rules Everyone Should Know and Follow in Life

Manners and general etiquette for some may seem like a thing of the past. However, if you would like to leave a lasting impression on everyone around you and your friends and family then this is for you. These rules will surely impress everyone around you and will make people see you as a great person.

Therefore, make sure you follow the rules described below if you want to ease your everyday life:

Interesting Facts About Pigs

Pigs include the domestic pig, its ancestor the wild boar, and several other wild relatives. Pigs are omnivores and are highly social and intelligent animals. Here are some interesting facts about Pigs :-

1. The words pig, hog and swine are all generic terms without regard to gender, size or breed. A male pig is called a BOAR. A female pig is called a GILT if she hasn't had Piglets yet and a SOW if she has.

2. Pigs are very intelligent and learn quickly. They pick up tricks faster than dogs. Pigs rank #4 in animal intelligence behind chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants.

Unknown facts about Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was one of most outstanding physicists in the history of science. It is unfortunate that this genius and his works are often unspoken in the pages of history. He had more than 100 patents to his name and he was famous for developing AC. His work became the basis of developments in wireless communications, radar, laser X rays, lighting, robotics, and many other areas. So, let us look at some mind blowing facts about Nikola Tesla which you don't know :

1. He was born during a lightning storm. Nikola Tesla was born around midnight, between July 9 and July 10, 1856 during a fierce lightning storm. According to family legend, midway through the birth, the midwife wrung her hands and declared the lightning a bad omen. This child will be a child of darkness, she said, to which his mother replied: “No. He will be a child of light.”

Top 10 Benefits of Listening Music

They say it is hard to find a person in this world who doesn’t like (rather love) music. Ask hundred people their favorite pastime; more than 90% would surely say listening music. Ask thousand, and the percentage would remain the same! There are some people who cannot imagine their life without music.

There are some who start their day with it. There are different types of music worldwide, but it has a same language, they say! Just like love, music is one of the needs of humans.
There is something really great about music that we are going to tell you today. It has really good effect on your health! Not wasting much of your time, we let you know top 10 benefits of listening music! Here we go!