The Ring Clock !!!

Still in its concept phase, the Mechanical Ring Clock is a simplistic approach to unify two of the most used accessories by people, watches and rings that are much needed accessories that we use. CGSociety’s  Szikszai Gusztav came up with this idea of accommodating a clock into  the ring’s band, but he is definitely not the first to do so though the implementation mechanical ring is far more efficacious that any we have seen before. The mechanical ring or a ring clock displays current time with the help of three rings fitted in a notch.

These three layers rotate continuously with the flow of time displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. The current time is highlighted with the help of indicators while the rest of ring stays discolored. Also there  is an indicator to make sure that you put it on rightly.

Guszt√°v Szikszai, has also won the top prize in NVidia’s “Moving Innovation” competition for his mechanical ring as a best product visualization. What we like the most about this Mechanical Ring is its simplistic design, with the clock aspect integrated into the ring’s band in the  most simple form. Not only is this state of the art gadget stylish and cool, but it’s also accurately functional. Now let us appeal to Mr  Szikszai Gusztav,designer of this awesome ring, to please put the mechanical into production.