Some of Most Powerful Moments from Human History which will Touch Your Soul [Continued]

In case you missed the part 1, here it is.

31. Joseph Dwyer carries an injured boy away from fire and to safety. [Iraq War, c. 2003 - 2011]

32. Petty Officer Ryan Lee and Valdo snuggle on a hospital floor after a lucky escape. [Afghanistan War, 2011]

33. Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor feeds a kitten after it’s mother was killed by mortar fire. [Korean War, 1953]

34. A French soldier helps a family fleeing from the Spanish Civil War.

35. A Ukrainian soldier kisses his girlfriend through the gate of a base surrounded by pro-Russian militants [2014]

36. A Japanese family returning home from a relocation center camp in Hunt, Idaho on May 10, 1945.


37. Prohibition- Alcohol barrels to be burned, 1924.


38. A vac sealed sachet of one of the astronauts children during Apollo 11.


39. First picture ever taken in space, 1946.


40. German flying ace, The Red Baron and his dog, 1916.


41. Jewish refugees, approaching allied soldiers, become aware that they have just been liberated, April, 1945.


42. Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan in the general’s tent near Antietam battlefield October 3, 1862.


43. The first official riders in New York Citys first subway, 1904.


44. A Jordanian soldier warms the hands of a Syrian baby evacuated from the country. [Syrian Civil War, c. 2013]

45. A Tunisian girl hands a soldier a rose after the army refused to fire on protesters and declared that it would “defend the revolution.” [Tunisian Revolution, 2011]

46. A boy leads an old blind man through war-torn streets. [Korean War, c, 1951]

47. An American soldier holds the hand of a young Afghan girl. [Afghanistan War, 2010]

48. German soldiers play with a stray kitten. [World War II, c. 1943]

49. American troops treat a wounded dog. [World War II, 1944]


50. Keshia Thomas, 18, protects a white supremacist from an angry mob. [1996]

51. A soldier makes friends with a puppy. [Iraq War, c. 2003 - 2011]

52. A Soviet soldier shares his cigarettes with German prisoners. [World War II, July, 1943]

53. Two American soldiers try to comfort an upset girl with a puppy. [World War II, 1944]

54. Riot police and protesters share a cry together [Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013]

55. A soldier shares water and food with three children on Saipan.

56. A man plays the piano for riot police in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013.

57. A wounded protestor is protected by a woman from a military bulldozer in Egypt in 2013.

58. Civilians protect an Iranian police officer after he is beaten by rioters.

59. Protestors carry an injured police officer to safety during protests in Turkey.

60. American soldiers treat an injured dog during WWII, 1944.

61. Protestors in Turkey help a dog affected by tear gas.

62. During protests in Romania in 2012, a young boy gives riot police a heart shaped balloon.

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