Baby girl was announced dead at birth, but see what happened 8 minutes later

The experience of your first child being born is often one of the happiest and never forgetting moment for parents, but in case of Martin and Sex Forrest, things were not so easy.

Their daughter Willow Rose had been delivered by emergency C-section after her heart-rate dropped during labour. As they were waiting for cries of their new born baby, their heart broke when the baby was announced dead by doctors.

But wait, the story is not over yet. A miracle was written to be happened on that occasion.

The silence lasted for what seemed an eternity as Willow’s heart stopped for 8 minutes. She had to be resuscitated by staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital; they put her into a refrigeration suit and transferred to St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol, where specialists worked for three days to keep her body cool to prevent brain damage.

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After eight agonising minutes medics detected a heartbeat and three minutes later it was fully established.

But Bex and Martin had to look on as 7lb 8oz (3.4kg) Willow was bundled into an incubator and wheeled past them into the High Intensity Neonatal Care Unit.

Astonishingly, 15 months after she was put in the refrigerator suit that cooled her whole body from 37C to 33.5C Willow has made a full recovery.

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Here is video by BBC Gloucestershire about her amazing story :

Full-time mum Bex, who lives with senior project engineer Martin in Ronkswood, Worcester, said:

"I knew when they had taken her out of me, I just kept saying: 'I can't hear her crying, what's going on? Why isn't she crying?'

"Everybody expects to hear their baby cry when they are born and the longer it went on the worse it got.

"It was the worst feeling in the world. Martin was amazing, he was telling me it would all be OK."

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"She didn't cry for four weeks. Because she had so many tubes and they hurt her throat, she didn't know how to cry.

"It's strange, but all we wanted was to hear our baby cry.

"Now she does plenty of that though."

Incredibly, after one year Willow is a perfectly healthy baby with no apparent mental or physical difficulties.

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Martin said: "The cooling therapy really is amazing. Those minutes really were awful. Now she's just a perfectly healthy baby."

Bex has since raised £1000 by doing a charity zip line for the charity that helped them through (Image: SWNS)
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