The bank rejected and called the police on a 92-year-old man, but what the officer did next had the whole internet cheering

We often forget nowadays that police officers do not just exist to hand out tickets, or make our lives harder. They are, in most cases, unsung heroes who go out of their way to help people stuck in a wide variety of situations.

Located 10 miles outside of Los Angeles, the Montebello Police Department received a call from the local Bank of America to assist with an unruly customer. Apparently, there was an elderly gentleman who was upset and causing a scene. Officer Robert Josett was dispatched to respond to the disturbance.

Officer Josett walked into the bank and noticed a 92-year-old man who seemed very agitated and upset. There was indeed a lot of commotion going on as the officer approached the irritated customer. Apparently, the senior man attempted to withdraw money from his account, but he was having trouble with the transaction.

A 92-year-old man tried to withdraw money from his account, but was rejected due to his expired ID.

As per bank policy, along with your account information you needed a valid ID to remove money from any account. This policy is to increase security for account holders, but, in this case, it proved to be a bit of a hindrance.

The man became agitated — then bank staff called the police to restore order.

The man had an official state identification card, but it was expired. Surely, that was enough? But, unfortunately, it was not. The bank teller would not make an exception for the poor man.

Eventually, the man became so distressed that the police were called.

When Officer Josett approached the man, he didn’t escort the man out of the bank, telling him to leave. Instead, he drove the gentleman to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a brand new identification card.

After taking the man to the DMV to get a new ID card, Officer Josett took him back to the bank before it closed so he could withdraw his money.

After posting a photo of the officer and elderly man on Facebook, the Montebello Police Department received national attention. The photo was shared over 38,000 times and bringing in comments of praise from around the world.

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People from all over are praising this officer’s kind actions.

Stories like these help remind us that police can have an amazing impact on our communities. We are glad officers like Officer Josett are on the streets of our cities — not just protecting our society, but serving us, as well.