Hilarious Pictures of Babies Who Look Like World-Famous Celebrities

Babies usually resemble their parents. However, there are some babies who look like world-famous celebrities and you can’t help but notice the strange similarity.

Let us look at some of these cutest babies who resemble entertainers and actors who are globally known!

This baby looks so much like Wallace Shawn it’s Inconceivable.

This one looks way too similar to the Grammy award winner John Legend

This baby and Gordon Ramsay look so much relatable

The baby flaunting the look of Kevin from The Office.

Looks like Jamie Oliver’s baby girl

Whoa! This one caught all my attention being a lookalike of Vin Diesel

It’s Jay Z, in person! Or is it?

The mother of this baby must have watched only Danny DeVito’s movies!

The little Mrs. Doubtfire looks really cute

The little baby Gandalf look is really priceless!

The 2-yr old who looks exactly like Ed Shereen

Chris Farley Lives On

Perfect Patton Look-Alike

Tiger Cub

This baby looks like photocopy of Amy Schumer

Remembered Eric Stonestreet after seeing this baby?

This baby looks like Andy Richter

We Found a copy of Bruno Mars

This Baby looks like Usher

This child give us a glimpse of Stephen Curry


Can this little girl tap dance and act like Shirley Temple?

All this baby needs to complete the Jack Nicholson package is sunglasses and a cigarette.

  The Child having as round head as of Karl Pilkington.

This baby looks just like Nathan Lane!


It’d be more accurate to say that Jonathan Lipnicki looks like this baby.

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