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About www.gkfacts.in

www.gkfacts.in is created with Title Do You Know? after success of our facebook page Do You Know? to collect all interesting facts about various things. The Site also focus on collecting weird information, Health related info, Beautiful Pics, Funny Content and Tricks  all at one place. Hope you will enjoy your visits to our website.

About the Author - Rishab Arora

I have always been fascinated by interesting facts, weird information and all related things. So this website is my effort to collect all that I read and like. Hope you Like it.

About Do You Know? ~ Our Facebook Page

I have made my first effort of sharing interesting facts in form of my facebook page Do You Know?, and soon after it become a huge success. I have got many positive reviews from people of various countries and thus decided to create a website  to collect all the information I read and like.