Future Of Computers

In the revolution of miniature of computers, the scientists are ahead with Bluetooth technology. We will soon see the forthcoming computers within our pockets. You will be able to access your important data from anywhere,anytime with these wonderful technologies.

In this topic we will show three designs for future computers. They have wonderful design and be seeing them you cant even predict that they will be computers !!! We are sure that you will be amazed after seeing that technology has advanced so much !!!


Look at these. Are they Pens with Cameras ???
No, they are not. They are indeed FUTURE PEN COMPUTERS. This computer, that has been designed by Japan , will be available in the near future.

Many of us may wonder how will this computer works? And where is the computer screen and  the keyboard ? Now, Look at this picture...

Yes, that is the idea, the screen comes out from laser light and another light for the keyboard. Really the human becomes creative when thinking !!

Froot, designed by Paulina Carlos is an virtual smart computer specially designed for DELL.

It is an idea of virtual smart computer with a compact and slim size and you can even fit that PC in your pocket and can take it with yourself wherever you.

As we note the work of this computer as the previous one , laser light in the front for the screen , laser light in the back for the keyboard.
But this computer is different from the previous one , that it has three USB ports on the left and the entrance to DVD on the right side and there are also speakers on the upper left and right and differ from the previous computer in the shape , size and that will be available in several colors.

This computer has achieved great success in the world, known as the B-membrane by the Korean designer ” Won-Seok Lee” .

In order to get the screen, we lower the upper part like this:
The laser light will start emit like the previous computer , forming the screen at any smooth surface:

This computer is characterized by touch keyboard that appears automatically when computer turns on. The computer also has DVD.