Top 10 Benefits of Listening Music

They say it is hard to find a person in this world who doesn’t like (rather love) music. Ask hundred people their favorite pastime; more than 90% would surely say listening music. Ask thousand, and the percentage would remain the same! There are some people who cannot imagine their life without music.

There are some who start their day with it. There are different types of music worldwide, but it has a same language, they say! Just like love, music is one of the needs of humans.
There is something really great about music that we are going to tell you today. It has really good effect on your health! Not wasting much of your time, we let you know top 10 benefits of listening music! Here we go!

1. Effective in Reducing Pain

Music has been proved to be a distracter of pain. One of the best examples of music reducing/distracting your pain is while working out. If you are listening music while working out, you’ll be able to perform extra in the gym or run an extra mile! It also causes body to release endorphins, which counteracts pain.

2. Music Reduces Blood Pressure

Research has found that people with high blood pressure who listen to their favorite type of music on a regular basis are successfully able to lower their blood pressure to normal limits. All this can be done by listening to your favorite music for just 30 minutes per day!

3. Good for Heart

Music has been proved good for heart. Some experts even say that it can work as a medicine for your heart. Actually, listening to your favorite type of music for good time period produces ‘happy’ hormones, which make you happy. Also, music beats help improve your heart rate and breathing a great deal.

4. Expedites Post-Stroke Recovery

Music has also been proved to expedite post-stroke recovery. A study carried out showed that stoke patients who were regularly made to listen to their favorite music improved quite quickly as compared to the ones who were not.

5. A Great Remedy for Migraine Headaches

Music has also been found to reduce (and even cure, at times) migraine headaches. People suffering from migraine headaches found their migraine headaches to reduce in duration, intensity, and frequency.

6. Strengthens Immunity

Listening to your favorite music creates a positive emotional experience, which causes your body to release certain hormones that strengthen your body’s self-defense mechanism.

7. Improves IQ

Music can even make you smarter and more intelligent. A study showed that children who were made to listen to their favorite music on a regular basis had a better IQ and were quicker at learning.

8. Enhances Memory

A study after study has proved that music improves memory and recollection. It does so by activating both the hemispheres of brain. Furthermore, activities like singing or playing any musical instrument can make the brain more capable of processing information, per a study.

Our Heartbeat Changes with Music we listen !!!

9. Improves Body Coordination

Music has been found to play an important role in life of people with movement disorders. It has helped them get back to their normal life, with improved body movements and coordination.

10. Improves Attention

Listening to your favorite music can help you concentrate more on a given subject. It does so by keeping your mind free from all distractions and focusing on the given task instead.
At last, we would only say that music is the language that whole world understands. Just switch your favorite music on and get going! Happy listening!