Do you know the reason for empty space in medicine packaging?

Sometimes when you buy a strip of medicine (tablets), you notice of empty slots. Irrespective of the exact shape of the tablet, it can be round, rectangle, oval; every strip is packaged in this typical design-geometry.  Ever wondered why?

Well, following are some of the reasons for empty spaces in medicine packaging :

1. Prevent chemical reaction

Empty space is created to reduce inertness between tablets. In other words, reduce any chemical reaction between the tablets.

2. More print area

Especially useful for small size tablets which require a lot of text to be printed on it.

3. Packaging standardization

Every strip(s) of medicine are packaged into small cardbox box and then packed into bigger boxes and then distributed.

By providing extra space / material, a company can standardize a box size and still keep same qty of tablets in the box. It helps them save a lot of costs as they need to buy the same basic size box, only different print on it. Also, the pattern makes for efficient packaging as shown below:

A single strip may look like this :

And packed together may look like this

4. Repeated Prints

Many a time, the retailers give only a fraction of strip to their customers. This can often leads to situation where the details of tablets like name, chemical composition and expiry dates are cut-off / separated. For some tablets, whose unintentional dosages / use has really bad effect, it is an effective way to ensure that all printed content stay with the tablet even if it is sold 1 tablet at a time.

5. To Provide Strength

These medicines have high production. The packaging gets damaged while loading, moving and unloading. The empty spaces give cushioning effect and prevent any damage to tablet.