Disturbing illustrations which depicts the evils of modern society

Humans have advanced so much in fields of technology and science that now it is impossible to imagine our world without these tech gadgets, mobiles and all this stuff. We are slowly becoming slaves of our invention.

People are deteriorating when it comes to living a healthy and socially active life. The mankind is changing from active to stressful and troublesome life. Here are some illustrations that depict and criticize the downfall of modern society.

1. Less Helping, More Flaunting

2. The Real Owner


3. Modern Slavery?


4. Money is not everything

5. What happened to brains ?

6. So Sad for Mother Earth

7. Why so busy always?

8. These poor animals

9. Living in Depression

10. Phones were for calling only once.

11. Creativity is caged

12. Poor Mother Earth

13. inner beasts

14. Money can't buy happiness or peace

15. Modern Childhood

16. Decreasing value of love

17. Tech Slaves

18. A bad start to life

19. Comforting Lies any day

Image result for comforting lies vs real truth

PS : Most of images are from Steve Cutts Illustration. Artists of some pictures are unknown though, if you can help us update it, you are most welcome.