These illustrations prove that Motherhood is one of the Toughest Jobs in world

"No man is poor who has had a godly mother" - Abraham Lincoln.

My mother often narrates her experiences and the hurdles she faced while bringing me up and how I used to pester her all the time in my childhood.

Here are some illustrations by artist Nathalie Jomard which highlights the pains and pleasure a mother undergoes while raising their child.


1. Feeling tired

And why not? When you have so many responsibilities to handle, you get tired. And to get a sound sleep is like a dream come true.


2. Clothes getting tighter

Moms, and in fact every other girl who's gonna be a mother soon, will experience this. The clothes going tighter and things start getting itchy and irritating.


3. Oh! That face.

Now, here's something everyone faces while they try playing or feeding the kids. Scratching someone's face, pulling that one hair string, oh god!


4. Shit happened

5. Pooping has never been that difficult!

6. Notoriety never ends!

7. Wanna read? Try.

8. Forget something?

9. That mess

10. Breast-feeding

11. Tolerating the farts

12. No better way than this!

13. Every mom can understand that

14. When baby is your life

15. No problem

16. What about more than one ?

h/t : wittyfeed , Nathalie Jomard