He Refuses To Put Out His Cigarette, So Gas Station Employee teaches him lesson for lifetime

It's common knowledge that smoking at a gas station is not a good idea and doing so can lead to some very scary repercussions. Turns out, not everyone understands this simple rule.

A man has faced the wrath of a petrol station attendant after he refused to put out his cigarette while on the forecourt.

In a video posted to social media, a driver is seen smoking a cigarette as he gets out of his car at a service station.

Photo : nzherald

The attendant, fearing for the safety of those at the petrol station, takes matters into his own hands and approaches the driver telling him to put his cigarette out.

When the driver refused the attendant took matters into his own hands - grabbing the fire extinguisher as he covered the man head to toe in fire retardant.

The incident apparently took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. A video of the incident shows people inside the car being forced to step out after the gas station employee's antics.

Here is the full video of incident, the action starts at 0:45

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